when friends go too far
Saturday, November 6, 2010 | 7:22 PM | 0 comments
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                                         Why did we cross the line?
                                         Everything would be fine -
                                         One moment of pleasure
                                         For all this pain;
                                         Can you tell me now what did we gain?
                                         Everything would be OK -
                                         Normal as it was,
                                         But no - we had to go to far -
                                         We had to cross that line
                                         I would never turn back time,
                                         For every moment I learn.
                                         It's just things are so different now -
                                         Things between you and me.
                                         Why didn't I open my eyes?
                                         Why didn't I only see
                                         That what we were accomplishing
                                         Would be the end to you and me?

                      huhu, aku nie bajet2 cakap bhse ingris pulak...
                      tapiy tak pe,....
                      mesti korang tertnye2 kan kenape aku tulis macam nie.???
                      aku pown tak taw kenape aku tulis macam niee.....
                     tibe2 jew dia masok dalam kepale otak aku niiee...
                        kepade kawan2 aku, plis jagan pergi jauh dari aku eearrrrrr......
                         aku sayang korang........

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